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Factions and deputy groups

Deputies of the Legislative Chamber may form deputy entities on political, professional or other basis in the form of party factions and deputy groups.

Faction is an entity created by deputies to represent interests of a political party in the Legislative Chamber, nominated and registered in accordance with the existing regulations.

Deputies of the Legislative Chamber who were not nominated by any political party may form deputy groups.

The decision to accept a deputy of the Legislative Chamber into a faction or a deputy group is made during the sessions of the faction/group.

A deputy may join only one faction or deputy group at a time.

A deputy nominated by a political party may be a member of this party faction only.

Procedures of organization and functioning of deputy entities are defined by the Rules of Procedure of the Legislative Chamber.

At least nine deputies can form a faction or a deputy group.

Factions and deputy groups are subject to registration. During a session of the Legislative Chamber, head or a member of a faction/deputy group informs the Chamber about the creation of a faction/deputy group, which is reflected in the minutes of the session.
Legislative Chamber adopts a resolution on creation of a faction/deputy group.

Factions/deputy groups:

  •  submit proposals and comments on the agenda of the session of the Legislative Chamber, order of consideration and content of the issues to be discussed;
  • are eligible to have a guaranteed right to speak during debates on any issue discussed during the session;
  • raise an issue of creating conciliation and/or other types of commissions;
  • during the session of the Legislative Chamber address state authorities and government officials with requests to provide substantiate explanation or express their views on the issues within their competence;
  • propagate among deputies of the Legislative Chamber their faction's or deputy group’s opinion on any issue discussed at the session;
  • participate in the work of Kengash, Committees and Commissions of the Legislative Chamber;
  • submit own proposals on law drafts and other draft resolutions discussed by the Legislative Chamber;
  •  propose hearings of officials’ reports on the actions performed in their respective areas during the sessions of the Legislative Chamber;
  • request government bodies or their officials to provide materials and documents required for activity of the faction/deputy group;
  • exercise other powers in accordance with the legislation.

Faction having the majority of seats in the Legislative Chamber represents the parliamentary majority.

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