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Committees, consisting of a chairman, vice-chair and members, are formed from among the deputies of the Legislative Chamber in the purposes of legislation drafting, preliminary discussion and preparation of the issues brought in to the Chamber, controlling execution of laws of Uzbekistan and resolutions of the Chamber

Position of a Committee’s Chairman, vice-chair and its members is determined by a batch decision, taking into consideration deputy’s party or group membership, and a number of votes he/she derived on elections as well.

All members of the Committees of the Legislative Chamber enjoy equal rights.

A Deputy who is not a member of a certain Committee has a right to participate as an advisory poll in the work of the Committee mentioned.

The Committees are amenable and accountable to the Legislative Chamber.

Committees of the Legislative Chamber do:

• On their own initiatives or on the instructions of the Legislative Chamber elaborate draft laws of Uzbekistan and other resolutions of the Legislative Chamber on the issues within their competence;

• Carry out preliminary discussion of law projects and their preparation for consideration by the Legislative Chamber;

• Comment on draft laws, with reasonable substantiation propose Kengash to put a certain law project on the agenda of the Session, to continue working on it or to reject it;

• Comment and make proposals with regard to the project of State Budget;

• On the instructions of the Legislative Chamber or on the recommendation of its Kengash take responsibility for a certain law project or some other issue within the responsibility of the Chamber;

• Create work groups to review the proposed law projects, attract representatives of state authorities and NGOs, scientific institutions, experts, scientists and business managers to participate in these groups;

• Hear the representatives of legislative initiative right holders on the issues related to the law project proposed;

• Prepare proposals to modification and amendments to the text of laws and Resolutions proposed;

• Request documents, expert conclusions, statistical and other kind of information from state authorities and other institutions;

• Hear reports of state authorities’ heads on execution of the laws of Uzbekistan, other legislative acts and Committee. Resolutions;

Committees of the Legislative Chamber organize their activity in accordance with own schedules, as well as on the instructions and recommendations of the Chamber, its Speaker and Council.

Procedures of Committees are defined in the Rules of the Legislative Chamber.

Meetings of the Committees are held between the Sessions of the Chamber as necessary.

Quorum, required for the sessions of the Committees, is at least half of its members.

Sessions of the Committees are open. If necessary, Committees of the Legislative Chamber may decide to hold a closed session.

Representatives of state authorities, NGOs, scientific institutions, experts and scientists, representatives of press, TV, radio or other mass media may be invited to the sessions of the Committees.

Legislative Chamber Committees resolve on their issues with the majority vote from the total number of its members.

Committee Resolutions submitted to state authorities are due to obligatory consideration followed-up by results or actions taken within a month unless Resolution requires other.

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