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A citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan becomes a Deputy of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan after elections to the Legislative Chamber and registration by the Central Election Commission in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Elections to Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan”.

A Deputy is elected for the term of power of the Legislative Chamber.

Deputy of the Legislative Chamber for a full-time assignment and cannot take any other kinds of paid assignement except for scientific or pedagogical.

Deputy has a right of deciding vote on all issues discussed during the session of Legislative Chamber.

Deputy has right to:

  • elect and to be elected to the Legislative Chamber institutuis;
  • submit requests to be reviewed during Legislative Chamber Sessions;
  • submit proposals and comments on the agenda of Legislative Chamber session, procedure of review and the nature of the issues discussed;
  • submits draft resolutions and amendments to the existing resolutions;
  • comment on the Lists of Members of institutions being created and on candidates to official positions being elected, assigned or approved by Legislative Chamber;
  • participate in the debates, ask question to speaker and chairperson;
  • address a parliamentary inquiry;
  • present justification of his/her proposals and provide reference on the motives of voting;
  • submit text of his/her speech, proposal or comment on the issue discussed at the session of Legislative Chamber to the session chairperson;
  • in case of disagreement with decision of the relevant institution of Legislative Chamber, of which he/she is a member, present his/her opinion during Legislative Chamber session or submit such opinion in writing, correspondingly, to the Legislative Chamber Speaker;
  • submit proposals to hear, during a Legislative Chamber session, report or information of any institution or official reporting to Legislative Chamber;
  • submit for discussion proposals to review performance of the laws of Uzbekistan and Resolutions of Legislative Chamber;
  • be familiarized with shorthand reports on the Legislative Chamber sessions;
  • address relevant institutions and officials with demands to immediately put an end to infringements of the rights and interests of citizens guaranteed by the law or other breach of legislation found.

Beside the rights stipulated by parts one and two of this Article, a Deputy has the right of lawmaking initiative and the right to participate in the work of Deputative unions in Legislative Chamber.

Deputy’s relations with voters and his political party

Deputies maintain relationship with voters of their voting district and the political party that nominated them, and represent their interests in the Legislative Chamber.

Deputies receive and review applications of the voters and take action towards their fulfillment in accordance with procedures stipulated by the legislation. Deputies also receive visitors.

Periodically, but at least once per year, Deputies inform their voters on their activities.

Deputies have specific days assigned to interact with their voters as per procedures defined in the Rules of Legislative Chamber.

Deputies have accommodations required to hold meetings with voters arranged for them. At their request, institutions of executive power organize the premises, notify voters on the time and place of holding the meetings between the Deputies and visitors and reception of visitors by the Deputies, provide their responsible representatives to participate in the meetings and receptions and take other actions to facilitate Deputies’ work ‘in the field’.

Deputies that have not fulfilled the expectations of his voters, may be recalled using procedures stipulated by the law.

Deputy’s Parliamentary Inquiries

Delegates have right to submit a parliamentary inquiry to officials of institutions of state authority and administration, requesting to provide a justified clarification or explain on their position with regard to issues of their competence.

Officials of institutions of state authority and administration respond to the parliamentary inquiries during session of the corresponding Chamber in the specified terms.

Parliamentary inquiry addressed to the Chairman of the Supreme Court, Chairman of the Supreme Economic Court, Prosecutor General of Uzbekistan, heads of the agencies of inquiry and investigation cannot be related to specific cases or materials in their process.

Information related to parliamentary inquiries may be discussed during the corresponding session of the Legislative Chamber.

Deputy’s Ethics

Delegates must follow the norms of ethics strictly. It is unacceptable for a delegate to use his/her status to the detriment of the legal interests of people, society and state.

In case of the delegate’s failure to act ethically, delegate’s actions may be assessed by the relevant Chamber or, at its request, by specific institution of the Chamber.

Protection of  Deputy’s  rights, honor and dignity

All delegates are guaranteed to be provided conditions for unrestricted and effective execution of their authorities and protection of their rights, honor and dignity.

Persons who encroach on honor and dignity of delegates carry administrative, criminal or other types of responsibility in accordance with the law. Offence of a delegate or slander in his/her address are subject to responsibility in accordance with the law.

Any form of pressure on the delegates and senators in order to restrain them from executing their authorities is unacceptable.

Officials not fulfilling their duties towards delegates and thus hampering their work, as well as those providing patently false information and not supporting the guarantees of operation of delegates, are subject to responsibility stipulated by the legislation.

Immunity of Deputy

Deputy is granted immunity for the duration of his term of office.

Deputy cannot be subject to criminal liability, detained, committed or be subject to administrative sanction, imposed by a court, without agreement of the relevant Chamber.

Deputy cannot be brought to police and his home, office, luggage, personal or office car, correspondence, means of communication he/she sues as well as his/her documents cannot be examined or searched.

Deputy cannot be held liable for speaking his opinion or stating his position during voting in the appropriate Chamber, or other actions related to execution of his authorities, including after his term of office. If a Deputy or a senator has insulted, committed slander, or otherwise infringed the law in relation to execution of his authorities, the liability shall be imposed in case he/she is stripped of immunity.

Deputy’s right for prompt reception with the officials

While executing his/her authorities, Deputy uses the right for unhindered, after presentation of credentials, passage to the territory of enterprises, institutions and organizations located in the Republic of Uzbekistan, and the right to be promptly received by the management or other officials of such entities.

Procedure of the Deputies’ visits to enterprises, institutions and organizations whose operation involves state secret or other type of secret guarded by the law, is set forth in the legislation.

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